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The perfect blend of modern style and convenience is experienced at Encue in the famed Biltmore Area of Phoenix, Arizona.

Brand new architecture that is revolutionizing the definition of urban design is found at this limited collection of 2 & 3 bedroom, single-family attached residences at the corner of 25th Street and Campbell Avenue.


Authentic urban design starts with understanding the soul of the city. It embraces the vitality of its surroundings to enhance their appeal. But beyond the benefits of being able to walk or bike to great venues, urban design should provide its residents with more. Living in the city should not mean having to sacrifice privacy. Encue builds on concepts of urban living to uniquely include pet-friendly, private courtyards and intelligent interior spaces that simply live well.

Most urban communities present people with certain trade-offs. Great urban locations typically equate to small lots. Small lots translate to multi-storied homes with lots of stairs. We can all agree that walking up and down stairs can be an exceptional way to stay in shape. But for those residents that rather get their exercise outside their home - maybe walking to the latest hot eatery - Encue offers the unique benefit of an optional private in-home elevator. To accomplish this took a big effort from our design team, but we know many of our residents will appreciate it.

Encue brings authentic modern design and true urban living together in one location. It integrates how residents go about their active lives, walking and biking to exciting venues, with their decision to not sacrifice other necessities of traditional modern living.

At Family Development, we believe a home should live the way you want to live – not the other way around.

In addition to enjoying the community's private pool and spa, residents delight in being able to walk to many of the area's most popular restaurants and entertainment venues. In fact, most of the area's employment centers and attractions are within a walk, bike ride or short drive of this central site.

Prices now starting in the low 500s for these 1,723–2,000 square foot private residences.

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